Improving student experience, satisfaction & recommendation

Webinar: Improving student experience, satisfaction & recommendation in your region.

This series of region-specific webinars looks at how leading Higher Education Institutions use the world’s largest benchmark of student experience, the Student Barometer, to ensure their strategies improve the student experience and the reputation of their institution, and inform effective marketing and recruitment.

  • Gain fresh global and regional insight from the latest survey findings, contextualising the current HE environment.
  • See for yourself how the Student Barometer informs improvement in the areas of recruitment and retention, communication, resource allocation, investment, and student recommendation.
  • Understand how participating universities, in your region and globally, use the Barometer to enhance student recruitment strategies and improve their processes that help them drive operational excellence, giving their students the best possible educational experience.

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Tribal i-graduate provides education institutions around the world with the tools to build competitor advantage by benchmarking the student experience across their operations, and assessing their level of internationalisation.

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