University of Huddersfield, UK: How the ISB cost us £25M


Previous challenges 

The University of Huddersfield has taken part in the International Student Barometer (ISB) seven times in five years and has seen a dramatic improvement in the international student experience in Huddersfield. In 2010 the ISB data highlighted that the main areas in need of attention were:

  • Social activities
  • Social facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Worship facilities
  • Experiencing host culture
  • Visa advice
  • International Office support
  • Careers services

Using the Barometer data

The ISB results were considered by the University Senior Management Team and the resulting plan monitored by the University International Committee. Indeed the current University Strategy has an international student experience KPI which is measured using the ISB. All services were able to analyse their results in detail and plan together to improve the experience of their international students. 

The University of Huddersfield took on board the results from the 2010 ISB and made the decision to invest £25M into creating a new hub called Student Central. This central area integrated all support services into one building alongside a new Student Union, event space, sports facilities and social learning spaces. The international Recruitment and Admissions teams have now become part of the back office and international students are now looked after by a team of front-line International Student Advocates, who are their single contact point for any support service needs. Alongside this, the University of Huddersfield also invested £125k into refurbishing its Faith Centre and committed £25,000 a year for new student-led social events

The ISB helps institutions make informed decisions to enhance the international student experience and drive successful recruitment and marketing strategies.

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