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i-graduate Case Studies

University of Adelaide, Australia: Work, rest and play - everything under one roof

Posted by i-graduate on January 2, 2020


Previous Challenges
Early International Student Barometer (ISB) results identified a lack of integration between international and domestic students at the University of Adelaide.

Using the Barometer data
Using the ISB results, the University of Adelaide created the Hub Central - a space where students meet, study, make social connections and exchange ideas. The Hub occupies 10,500mover three floors on the main North Terrace campus in the cultural heart of Adelaide.

Since the opening of the Hub Central in 2011, the university’s scores have improved in the ISB’s integration and student support services categories.

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The Hub Central contains:

  • Project booths and rooms equipped with audio visual equipment
  • Over 200 desktop computers and printing facilities
  • Maths learning centre
  • Drop-in writing support centre
  • Student kitchen
  • Post office
  • Service desk where students can ask for help and advice
  • Free Wi-Fi service
  • Self-help kiosks  

Hub Central has quickly become the university’s “heart”, says Hedley Reberger, Hub Services Manager. “It has made it much easier for people to work in groups and with peers. International and domestic students work together, have coffee and lunch in the student kitchen and play games in the Microsoft lounge.”

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