Internationalisation - establishing the conditions required to meet the growing need for global graduates. 

Monday 16th March, 15:00 - 15:45 GMT 

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Who should attend?
This session is for those responsible for the university's internationalisation at home agenda and for their networks and partnership strategy.

Purpose of the session:
During the session we hear how the University of Warwick's study of the quality of the global learning environment students and staff are experiencing is now helping institutions continuously improve the effectiveness of their internationalisation strategies.

Your presenters will discuss:

  • The basis of the diagnostic and needs analysis tool, the Global Education Profiler, used in the study and now by institutions around the world to assess the learning environment.
  • How universities around the world are adapting their internationalisation strategies to pro-actively foster interculturally competent staff and much-valued global graduates.
  • How the Global Education Profiler is used by groups or networks of universities to measure and benchmark internationalisation, inform policy initiatives, and encourage collaboration.
  • An example of a university's experience of using the GEP, how they have used it to inform strategic decision making, and the impact of their participation.

Your presenters:

  • Nick Pidgeon, Head of Surveys & Benchmarking, Tribal
  • Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, University of Warwick
  • Dr Daniel Dauber, University of Warwick
  • Jan Van Maele, KU Leuven
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