The Global Education Profiler


Informing more effective internationalisation strategies

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The following short extracts have been taken from webinars hosted by our panel of experts in the field of internationalisation in Higher Education. They reference the Global Education Profiler, a diagnostic tool developed by University of Warwick to evaluate and benchmark institutions' levels of internationalisation.

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Europe-wide interest

Daniel Donoghue discusses how Durham University and Coimbra Group members approached the evaluation of their internationalisation strategies, and why it has generated interest with the European Commission.

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Identifying the hurdles

Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey examines the gaps in staff confidence and the staff experience that pose challenges to developing successful international collaborations and partnerships.

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Student integration

Jan van Maele explains how KU Leuven used the Global Education Profiler to help evaluate and inform decisions around the social and academic integration of their students, and develop global graduates.

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