International Student Barometer

Enhance the international student experience; drive successful recruitment and marketing strategies

The International Student Barometer* (ISB) from Tribal i-graduate is the global benchmark for the international student experience. It enables you to compare satisfaction levels of your international students and to identify specific areas of key importance to them.

Six reasons for considering joining the institutions taking part in i-graduate surveys each year:

  1. Identify whether your international students would recommend you to others
  2. Evaluate and enhance the international student experience
  3. Develop targeted communications to prospective students
  4. Inform recruitment and retention strategies
  5. Optimise resource allocation
  6. Provide strategic input to key investment decisions

"We really benefit from the Barometer. When you have a hyper-complex organisation like Oxford, you need one survey tool that can satisfy multiple stakeholder needs. The Barometer does it and it does it brilliantly… we can find meaningful data at almost every level of the university."

 - Jonathan Gordon, Student Information Manager at the University of Oxford

For details of how to take part in the next survey, including the scope and timings of the survey itself and what your institution can expect from participating, download the ISB Information Pack using the form opposite.