COVID-19 Response Barometer 

This project is being administered free of charge with the purpose of helping institutions assess and benchmark their response to COVID-19 by listening to the voice of their student populations.


PLEASE NOTE: Registration for this survey is now closed. If you would like to evaluate the Covid-impacted student experience at your institution, this can be achieved by participating in the International Student Barometer, which incorporates Covid-19 Response Barometer questions. 

What you will gain
The insight we deliver will reveal how your institution is performing against others in Higher Education, so you can answer questions such as:

  • How has our response to COVID-19 been received by our students?
  • How are we performing compared to other institutions?”
  • "Is there a difference between the experiences of our domestic and international students?”
  • “Is any part of our student population not receiving adequate communications?"
  • "How satisfied are students with the information being provided?"

How it works
We have specially designed the 5-minute survey to be anonymous and free of charge. We are keen for this to require no effort on the part of your institution, beyond sharing the survey link with your students. We'll do the rest!

  • Provide you with a unique institution-specific survey link.
  • Provide suggested wording to accompany the survey link, plus pre-prepared social media copy to encourage completions. 
  • Collate all the data for the sector to form a global benchmark.
  • Present your results via an online dashboard for high-level summaries. Example:

Chart with shadow

[ Click image to launch live dashboard demo ]

  • Provide you with the full set of survey responses for your institution, along with a data key.

Anonymous, aggregated results collected via the survey will be used to create regional and global benchmarks, and used for research and analysis to provide insights for the global Higher Education sector.

Your survey is live as soon as you circulate your institution-specific link, and will remain open for up to 4 weeks. At this point, we will close the link to your survey and provide you with your students' responses. Whilst your survey is live, you will have access to an online dashboard, showing your key results against the global benchmark updated every 4 hours.

Access to your live dashboard will still be available on closure of your institution’s survey; your institution results will be fixed.

What you need to do to be involved in this sector wide initiative:

To receive your institution-specific survey link, a PDF copy of the questionnaire and accompanying resources, please complete the form opposite. A member of the Surveys and Benchmarking Team will check none of your colleagues have already made a request before forwarding you the information within 3 working days.

Bespoke questions, student specific links and additional reporting available, please contact for further information.