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Coimbra Group Benchmarking 2019: FAQs


Can I test the online survey before sending it to students? 

Yes!  Prior to your launch you will receive a test link to your survey to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the format of the survey and check that all of your institution specific terminology changes have been implemented.

How is the survey launched to students and staff?

You will need to send out the link to the survey via email alerts sent from within your institution to student institution and/or personal email address.

Can I send the staff and student surveys out at different times?

Yes, as long as the surveys are run within the survey window (after the official launch date and before the last launch date).

Who should the email be sent to?

  • All currently enrolled domestic and international students
  • All degree-seeking students, including undergraduate, postgraduate taught / masters students, (but NOT Postgraduate Research students)
  • Study abroad and exchange students
  • All years of study
  • All academic and teaching staff
  • All support, administrative and professional staff

When can I send the launch email to students/staff?

You can send the email to students any time after the official launch date and before the last launch date.  We do our utmost to adhere to the dates published in the draft schedule, but please note they are subject to change.

What should I do while the survey is live?

You should monitor response rates and take action to boost responses.  We will provide response rates on a weekly basis, with a breakdown of respondents. This will help you to involve the departments/schools and clubs/societies where necessary and implement marketing activities to boost response rates. 

How will the results of the survey be presented?

As part of the Coimbra Group initiative, deliverables of the GE-P are as follows:

  • Institution summary sheet
  • Comments file
  • Institution Pivot table
  • Institution Breakdown Sheet (excel breakdowns of key demographics)
  • PDF Presentation of overall Coimbra Group findings

What about the GDPR?

The survey is independently administered by i-graduate, part of the Tribal group. i-graduate is fully compliant with GDPR.

Is there an incentive?

You will have the opportunity to add an incentive if you wish, please discuss with your account manager at i-graduate.

Can I include additional questions or customise the survey?

Your survey will be customised with your logo and institution name.

What shall I do now?

Please contact info@i-graduate.org and return a completed registration form as soon as possible.  Any questions on registration please contact info@i-graduate.org.

If you are already registered, please contact your i-graduate account manager who will help set up your survey. For more info about the programme, please refer to the GE-P handbook 2019.

We look forward to working with you!