University of Cincinnati, N.America: Emphasis on feedback boosts satisfaction


Previous Challenges
Results from the 2006 International Student Barometer (ISB) survey showed:

  • The university took three weeks longer than its competitors to make admission decisions for international undergraduates

Using the Barometer data
Using the 2006 ISB results the university created a dedicated International Admissions Office, which has seen the university moving from the bottom to the top of the pack in this category.

Since 2008, the University of Cincinnati has consistently received high marks in the ‘performance feedback’ category of the ISB, which measures learner satisfaction with the feedback they receive from teachers on their coursework.

The credit for the success goes to the university’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL).

  • Established in 2008
  • The centre helps faculty members develop their teaching skills
  • Worked with over 7,400 university staff since its inception
  • Teaches staff how to use video and audio recording technology to provide students with effective result-orientated feedback
  • ‘Thank you professor’ facility to track impact, which allows students to express their gratitude to their teachers

The University of Cincinnati has also used the ISB feedback to open a 24/7 study room in the main library.

The ISB helps institutions make informed decisions to enhance the international student experience and drive successful recruitment and marketing strategies.

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