The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Links with international institutions give us the edge


The Chinese University of Hong Kong has built a reputation as a first-class comprehensive tertiary academic institution known for its research prowess. It flies the flag for technology and development, and distinguishes itself with a rich Chinese heritage, a bilingual and multi-cultural traditional and a unique college system.

With a mission to combine traditional with modernity and to bring together China and the West, the university attracts students from all over the world.

Best Practices
Those who choose to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are rewarded with an institution that cultivates a unique student experience in a picturesque setting.

Students have access to an abundance of excellent facilities including libraries, art museums, music halls, sports fields, racquet courts, gymnasiums and a water sports centre. When students wish to explore the city sights, they can hop on the train at the university’s own station. 

The first student exchange programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was launched in 1965 with the University of California.  Since then, the Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed ties with over 230 international institutions, annually giving 2,500 students the opportunity to take part in exchange programmes at home and abroad to enhance their career prospects and personal development.

Regular term-time and summer programmes at the university give students the chance to go on cultural field trips immersing them in the Chinese culture. Students can enrol in courses such as Fundamentals in Chinese Medicine, and Chinese Foreign Policy gaining academic insights from an Asian perspective or cultivate social and leadership development skills participating in service learning programmes such as teaching English in rural China.

The university whose emblem is the mythical Chinese bird feng – a symbol of nobility, beauty, loyalty and majesty – aims to offer students not only the best place to fulfil their academic dreams but also the foundation for a successful future life


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